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Your people need GI care more than you realize

Gastrointestinal issues affect 40% of people daily. We offer care plans for everyone.

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Individualized, clinician-backed care for all digestive health needs, all in one platform

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Customized care

Clinically-informed care plans designed for each individual with proven results and savings at scale.

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Expert, immediate guidance

Virtual access to a dedicated team of doctors, Registered Dietitians, Health Coaches, and more.

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Ongoing support

Dynamic content and care plans proven to create longterm, sustainable behavior change and lasting results.

Real results that go beyond GI symptom relief

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have improved GI symptoms


have improved quality of life

Real results that go beyond GI symptom relief

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have improved GI symptoms


have improved quality of life

The digestive health platform with proven ROI

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See how we saved 22% on medical spend for our client.

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  • Reduce ER admits and duplicative doctor visits
    We drive members to the care they really need, integrate with existing in-person care, and ensure the entire care team is in sync.
  • Improve medication adherence and decrease absenteeism
    We help members commit to their care plans, reduce symptoms, and minimize distracting flare ups that affect work presence and more.
  • Improve member satisfaction
    We empower members to gain control of their conditions, build confidence, and show up as their best selves in all areas of their lives.

Member success stories


Cylinder Member Outcomes Benjamin Johnson
Symptom Bloating
"This program helped me find a solution in reducing my pain and bloating just by eating right."

Benjamin J.

Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"If you have gastro issues, sign up for this program."

Iris L.

Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"The Dietitian in this program helped me find a balance and improve my eating habits."

Brett H.

Symptom Anxiety & Stress
"I was able to reduce my mental health medication after the support from this program."

Jennifer W.

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We engage 13% of employees on average

(Other chronic care services work with only 5%)

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