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We've helped nearly 100,000 people find real relief

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Our members love us


Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"I enjoy connecting with my Dietitian and Health Coach as I believe in the value of a proactive health approach."

Tracy H., Walmart

Symptom Migraine
"Thanks to my Dietitian, I identified an ingredient in my toothpaste that caused migraines."

Sue T., Walmart

Symptom Anxiety & Stress
"I was so surprised to learn that my gut symptoms were related to my anxiety; this program has truly changed my life."

Raul M., Texas A&M System

Outcome Weight Loss
"I’m not just a member, not just a checkmark because I know my team here cares. I’m always looking forward to the interaction."


Symptom Acid Reflux
"It was eye-opening to find out about gluten intolerance, I used to live on wheat and cereal."

Tracey S., Walmart

Symptom High Cholesterol
"My Gut Health was at 1 when I started with this program and today I feel like I’m an 8."

Kim O., Walmart

Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"Before the program, there were days when I was feeling 1 out of 10 and now I feel consistently like a 9 or 10."

Jane P., Walmart

Outcome Weight Loss
"This program has helped me be aware of my health, I’m seeing the value."

Denise L., Novolex

Cylinder members see amazing results

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have improved GI symptoms


have improved quality of life

Cylinder members see amazing results

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have improved GI symptoms


have improved quality of life


Diagnosis Hypothyroidism
“I cannot express to you or anyone else how important it is or how much your life changes with this program.”

Christopher C., Walmart

Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"Meeting regularly with the Dietitian has really helped me, they’re so nice, kind, and knowledgeable."

Barbra C., Novolex

Outcome Better Sleep
"I feel as good as I did 10 years ago."

Douglas B., Walmart

Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"With this program, you learn to be aware of your body and lead a healthy lifestyle."

Tanya R., Walmart

Symptom Acid Reflux
"This program empowered me with knowledge and support to improve my gut health."

Christopher S., Solera | AT&T

Symptom Anxiety & Stress
"I found this program extremely helpful and supportive in preparing me physically and mentally for my surgery. I appreciate that."

Leslie R., Texas A&M System

Symptom Gas
"When I joined I was a bit skeptical, but when I got invested in the program, I sang its praises."

Chuck S., Sedgwick

cylinder member outcome april s texas am system
Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
“With the help of this program, I made small changes that made a big difference.”

April S., Texas A&M System

Diagnosis Bloating
“This is a comprehensive program that has supported me in correcting my gut issues and managing stress.”

Lauren B., Intuitive Surgical

Diagnosis Gluten Intolerance
“Thanks to this program, I’ve gained clarity and confidence in managing my gluten intolerance.”

Melanie T., Solera | AT&T

Outcome Reduced Anxiety
“The breathing technique given by my Health Coach has helped me with my anxiety."

Chrisy N., Walmart

Diagnosis High Blood Pressure
“This program made me realize I can make small changes at home that could be life-changing.”

Emily J., MNPS

Outcome Reversed Acid Reflux
“I learned ‘Rest and Digest’ is significant. It was healing and understanding what was going on with my body.”

Kathleen L., Walmart

Outcome Reversed Barretts Disease
"With Cylinder I am finally able to see improvement in my 20-year old gut-related conditions.”

Todd B., Phillips

Symptom Gut Pain
"Having a personal coach and dietitian has had the biggest impact for me on this program."

Sidi T., Walmart

cylinder member outcome shanti
Diagnosis Gastroparesis
"The support I received from my dietitian and health coach has made me stronger physically and mentally."

Shanti T.

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