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Cylinder Member Outcomes Benjamin Johnson
Symptom Bloating
"This program helped me find a solution in reducing my pain and bloating just by eating right."

Benjamin J.

Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"If you have gastro issues, sign up for this program."

Iris L.

Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"The Dietitian in this program helped me find a balance and improve my eating habits."

Brett H.

Symptom Anxiety & Stress
"I was able to reduce my mental health medication after the support from this program."

Jennifer W.

Diagnosis IBS
"I’ve had IBS for a very long time and this program has changed my life."

David C.

Symptom Inflammation
"All the issues I was facing, going to the doctors and spending money for the past 3 years were resolved by this program."


Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"This program has helped me become more productive in my professional and personal life."

Austin T.

Diagnosis SIBO
"My Dietitian helped me identify that I had SIBO. I got it treated and it’s been life-changing."

Maggie O.

Cylinder members see amazing results

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have improved GI symptoms


have improved quality of life

Cylinder members see amazing results

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have improved GI symptoms


have improved quality of life


Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"I was excited because I’ve been interested in the gut biome and how it’s connected to your mood and thought process."

Jon B.

Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"This program has helped me find the right balance in my food and improve my overall well-being."

Will S.

Diagnosis Celiac Disease
"I love that this program is encouraging and not judgmental."

Jill E.,Sedgwick

Diagnosis Ulcerative Colitis
"Between my CBT and the Dietitian with this program there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel."

Kathleen C., Avantor

cylinder member outcome shanti
Diagnosis Gastroparesis
"The support I received from my dietitian and health coach has made me stronger physically and mentally."

Shanti T.

Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
"I enjoy connecting with my Dietitian and Health Coach as I believe in the value of a proactive health approach."

Tracy H., Walmart

Symptom Migraine
"Thanks to my Dietitian, I identified an ingredient in my toothpaste that caused migraines."

Sue T., Walmart

Symptom Anxiety & Stress
"I was so surprised to learn that my gut symptoms were related to my anxiety; this program has truly changed my life."

Raul M., Texas A&M System

Outcome Weight Loss
"I’m not just a member, not just a checkmark because I know my team here cares. I’m always looking forward to the interaction."


cylinder member outcome april s texas am system
Outcome Healthier Lifestyle
“With the help of this program, I made small changes that made a big difference.”

April S., Texas A&M System

Symptom Acid Reflux
"It was eye-opening to find out about gluten intolerance, I used to live on wheat and cereal."

Tracey S., Walmart

Symptom High Cholesterol
"My Gut Health was at 1 when I started with this program and today I feel like I’m an 8."

Kim O., Walmart

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