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cylinder bringing the digestive health conversation to the workplace

Historically, casual conversations about digestive problems and concerns haven’t been a hot topic in the workplace, but that’s changing – with more people learning (and feeling) just how integral the gastrointestinal (GI) system is to overall health.

This sensitive topic is now less taboo, spurred partly by more awareness on social channels (#GutTok garnered more than 1.1 billion views on TikTok in 2023). This coincides with a rise in employer-driven, whole-person healthcare strategies that address the complex, interconnected nature of physical and mental health, among other facets of well-being.

Gut health is a crucial aspect that can’t be overlooked in employer care strategies. By focusing on this area, we can significantly benefit individuals and employers. As we delve deeper into how digestive health impacts the whole body, we open up new possibilities for improving overall well-being in the workplace.

For human resources and benefits leaders looking to understand the state of GI health in the workplace in 2024, Gut Health Matters: The Real Cost of Employee Digestive Health Issues is a great resource that explores:

  • The human and economic impact of working-age people who are living with chronic digestive health conditions and diseases
  • Common health conditions associated with the digestive system
  • How GI health impacts mood, cognition, and sleep, among other factors
  • The latest research linking gut health to psychological conditions, including depression
  • The barriers employees face when seeking care for their GI symptoms
  • How health disparities associated with gender, race, and ethnicity can cause employees to face even more significant barriers to GI treatment
  • Real-world strategies to create a more GI-friendly workplace.

Take a proactive step toward a healthier workforce. By downloading Gut Health Matters: The Real Cost of Employee Digestive Health Issues, you’re breaking the barriers of silence surrounding digestive health and empowering yourself with knowledge and tools to create a more GI-friendly workplace.

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