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Unveiling Cylinder:
A bold new chapter for digestive health

Everything you need to know about our exciting rebrand from Vivante Health and GIThrive to Cylinder Health

Why did Vivante Health decide to rebrand as Cylinder?

The rebrand to Cylinder reflects our commitment to providing a cohesive, modern, and accessible brand experience. It aims to streamline our identity, improve market positioning, and better meet the diverse needs of our audience. (The two names, Vivante Health (company name) and our digital digestive health platform, GIThrive, have been brought together as one name with Cylinder).

When was Cylinder Health founded?

Cylinder Health was founded in 2021. Prior to 2021, Vivante Health existed as a different company under different leadership. Bill Snyder has been the founder of Vivante Health (now Cylinder) since 2021.

What changes can we expect from this rebrand besides the name change?

Alongside the name change to Cylinder, you’ll notice a visual overhaul, including a new logo and brand aesthetics. We’ve also refined our tone and copy to ensure a consistent brand voice across all platforms and audiences.

Will the rebrand affect the services offered by Vivante Health?

No, Cylinder will continue offering the same advanced clinical and technology solutions for digestive health, underpinned by our commitment to simplicity, accessibility, and precision.

How does the rebrand impact the GIThrive platform?

Members will no longer see the name ‘GIThrive’ in the member app or the platform, as it has been renamed Cylinder. However, we will continue to provide tailor-made, physician-supported solutions within our platform, all aligned under the Cylinder brand, to ensure a seamless care experience.

What was the inspiration behind the new name and brand identity?

Cylinder’s name and brand identity were inspired by the cylinder’s symmetry and balance. The cylinder symbolizes holistic health with a focus on gut health at its core.

What does the Cylinder brand symbolize?

The Cylinder brand embodies our dedication to transforming digestive health care through simplicity, accessibility, and precision in our clinical and tech solutions.

Will the quality of care or support change with the new branding?

No, Cylinder is committed to maintaining and enhancing the quality of care and support our members receive. Our essence and mission remain steadfast in empowering individuals toward better digestive health.

How will Cylinder continue to support individuals with gastrointestinal conditions?

Cylinder will continue to offer its comprehensive digital platform, providing easy and continuous access to a dedicated team of health professionals. Our individualized care approach focuses on improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

What has been the impact of Vivante Health’s services, and how do you see this evolving under Cylinder?

Vivante Health, now Cylinder, has significantly improved members’ GI symptoms and overall well-being. We expect to continue this trajectory, enhancing our services and impact under the Cylinder brand.

How do you see the partner ecosystem evolving under Cylinder?

As Vivante Health, now Cylinder, we have made significant strides in expanding our partner ecosystems, integrating with partner solutions, and delivering results for our partners (employers, health plans, and brokers) and their clients. We continue on this positive trajectory, enhancing our services and impact under the Cylinder brand.

Where can I learn more about Cylinder and its services?

For more information about Cylinder and how it can transform digestive health care for your workforce, please contact us or schedule a custom demo with a member of our team.

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