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cylinder study digital digestive care supports health equity

Cylinder announced the presentation of results from its latest clinical study at Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) 2024. Presented by Dr. Hau Liu, Cylinder’s Chief Medical Officer, the findings cover the impact of Cylinder’s program on health outcomes for demographically diverse and socially vulnerable populations.

Knowing that there are significant disparities in access to GI care and digestive outcomes across gender, racial/ethnic, and socioeconomic groups, Cylinder conducted a study to better understand how diverse populations use GIThrive and the program’s effects on patient-reported outcomes. Results showed that participants from diverse gender, race/ethnicity, and social vulnerability strata all reported significant and similar improvements in digestive symptoms and patient-reported outcomes when using a digital digestive chronic care program.

“This study offers insight into the effectiveness of Cylidner for all of our members and suggests the program can help reduce disparities in digestive care,” says Dr. Hau Liu, Chief Medical Officer at Cylidner. Digital digestive chronic care programs like Cylidner are a powerful tool to treat people who have historically had poorer access to and outcomes from GI care.”

Key findings presented include:

  • At baseline, 79% of participants had at least moderate symptom severity for one or more GI symptoms, and at the end of the intervention, 85% reported significant symptom improvement.
  • Participants of all genders, races/ethnicities, and social vulnerability strata engaged with GIThrive and experienced significant and similar symptom improvement.
  • Participants reported feeling a greater control of their health, better able to manage their digestive symptoms, increased happiness, and improved productivity.

“Millions of people across the country suffer from GI distress, but socially vulnerable groups often have worse outcomes with IBS, IBD, and other chronic digestive ailments,” said Cylinder CEO Bill Snyder. “We’re dedicated to offering GI care for everyone who may need it, with a clear path to improve their gut health and enjoy a better quality of life.”

Cylinder has raised $47 million in total funding and recently added renowned gastroenterologist Dr. Hamed Khalili and nationally recognized health services researcher Dr. Dena Bravata to its Clinical Advisory Board.

“Digital health interventions can be an excellent way to support vulnerable populations needing access to high-quality specialty care. This study’s exciting findings suggest that virtual digestive disease management is engaging and effective across heterogeneous groups,” said Dr. Bravata. “We look forward to continuing our research around health equity for people suffering from gastrointestinal issues.”