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cylinder how members transformed their lives

Discover how Cylinder helped our members reduce their GI symptoms and improve their overall health

60-70 million people in the United States alone are grappling with the challenges of managing gastrointestinal (GI) issues. These troubles significantly impact their overall well-being and quality of life, and often play a central role in larger chronic conditions.

At Cylinder, we are committed to providing complete care for everyone suffering from the pain and anxiety of digestive health issues. Our comprehensive, virtual GI care platform has been proven to transform lives by helping people better manage their symptoms and educating them on the profound connection between gut health and other chronic conditions.

In this blog post, we delve into the inspiring stories of nine Cylinder members who have experienced remarkable transformations in their digestive health and beyond. From diabetes reversal to weight loss, Cylinder’s personalized care plans and dedicated team of GI specialists have been game-changers for those seeking to improve their gut health and tackle associated chronic conditions. Join us as we journey through these extraordinary success stories and discover the remarkable impact of Cylinder on our members’ lives.

Milton P.: Finding relief from long-standing digestive issues
Milton’s journey to resolving his digestive issues has been a challenging one—with anxiety and stomach aches plaguing him for years. Cylinder’s focus on the gut-brain connection and personalized guidance helped Milton better understand the triggers that caused his symptoms to flare-up, significantly reducing his anxiety and digestive discomfort. With the support of the Cylinder platform and his dedicated care team, he was able to embrace a healthier lifestyle and positively impact his body image.

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Arretah C.: Discovering a life-changing solution for chronic pain

Arretah had suffered from chronic knee and joint pain for years. Before joining Cylinder, she relied on laxatives to manage her constipation. Through Cylinder’s comprehensive digestive health platform and dedicated care team, Arretah was able to find meaningful relief from chronic pain, sleep better, and significantly improve her overall well-being. Cylinder became a life saver for Arretah, helping her lead a healthier and happier life.

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Brett H.: Overcoming sedentary habits and rediscovering joy

The COVID-19 pandemic led to Brett sliding into a sedentary lifestyle that concerned him, prompting him to seek preventative care to improve his overall health. Through the Cylinder platform, Brett was able to connect with a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach who helped support his journey towards healthier habits, regular exercise, and improved nutrition. His newfound peace of mind and increased productivity transformed Brett’s life for the better.

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Todd B.: Regaining control over GERD and GI issues

Struggling with GERD and acid reflux for years, Todd turned to Cylinder for a holistic approach to managing his gastrointestinal health. The platform’s comprehensive tests and personalized guidance empowered Todd to make informed dietary changes, leading to the resolution of his Barrett’s esophagus and potentially reducing his need for medication to manage it.

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Michelle S.: Reversing diabetes diagnosis and supporting meaningful weight loss

Michelle’s weight had been a significant health concern, leading to diabetes and related digestive issues. With the support of the Cylinder platform and her dedicated care team, she was able to lose a remarkable amount of weight and learn how to successfully manage her diabetes. Cylinder’s comprehensive support also helped her improve her energy levels and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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Kim O.: Reducing acid reflux, high blood sugar, and cholesterol
Struggling with acid reflux and borderline diabetes, Kim joined the Cylinder platform to find help with managing her symptoms and conditions. With the support of her Registered Dietitian and Health Coach, Kim was able to make significant changes to her diet and lifestyle—eliminating her acid reflux symptoms, lowering her blood sugar levels, and reducing her cholesterol. Cylinder became a life-changing experience for her.

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Ahmed A.: Breaking stress-induced eating habits

When Ahmed joined the Cylinder platform, he was plagued by health concerns due to his stress-induced eating patterns. The platform’s emphasis on data-driven information empowered him to take control of his diet and overall health—helping Ahmed become more mindful of his eating habits and make healthier choices moving forward.

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Alice P.: Finding relief from heartburn and inflammation

Before joining Cylinder, Alice’s chronic heartburn and inflammation were affecting her daily life. Through the Cylinder platform, she was able to connect with a dedicated Registered Dietitian and Health Coach who provided Alice with invaluable support—leading to a significant reduction in her heartburn symptoms and inflammation. Cylinder’s personalized care approach has helped Alice maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve her overall well-being.

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Jill E.: Embracing a gut-healthy lifestyle in the face of celiac disease

After being diagnosed with celiac disease, Jill turned to Cylinder’s comprehensive digestive health platform for support. She connected with a dedicated Registered Dietitian who introduced her to bedtime yoga—improving her sleep and overall well-being. Providing valuable insights and encouragement, Cylinder became an essential part of Jill’s gut-healthy journey.

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The transformative experiences of these nine Cylinder members are a testament to the platform’s effectiveness in improving gut health and supporting overall well-being. By offering personalized guidance, data-driven insights, and 24/7 support from a coordinated care team of GI specialists, Cylinder empowers individuals to take control of their digestive health and lead happier, healthier lives. With the platform’s holistic approach and dedication to individual well-being, Cylinder has become a game-changer for many, providing a beacon of hope and transformation on their path to better health.

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