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cylinder what benefits leaders need to know about gut microbiome testing

The gut plays a critical role in health and wellness, and employers are looking for ways to help their employees maintain a healthy digestive system – and relieve digestive ailments and diseases that diminish the quality of life.

However, much information about human gut microbiome testing is circulating in the news and social media. What can employers rely on to ensure they support their employees and make the right choices for healthcare related to digestive care?

Benefits managers require reliable sources to make these decisions, including the latest clinical research about the human gut microbiota, gut microbiome testing, and best practices to use after an employee receives microbiome test results.

In the Cylinder white paper, Gut Microbiome Testing: A Benefit Leader’s Guide, benefit managers can learn how the gut microbiome may impact employee health and how to approach the emerging practice of gut microbiome testing.

In Gut Microbiome Testing: A Benefit Leader’s Guide you’ll learn:

  • What is the gut microbiome, and why is it so important? This includes critical details about the gut microbiome’s impact on metabolic and immune processes (among others) necessary for living healthily.
  • How do the clinical and medical fields evaluate the gut microbiome today? There are different ways of testing and evaluating the gut microbiome. The most common are 16S rRNA sequencing and shotgun sequencing.
  • Which gut microbiome treatments are available today? We explore the well-established treatment based on the microbiome that’s available now for people suffering from C. Difficile, an infection primarily caused by antibiotic use.
  • Which gut microbiome treatments may be available in the future? While not available now, interventions may be available in the coming years, allowing doctors and other clinicians to design personalized treatments and dietary plans based on a patient’s gut microbiome.
  • What are the best practices to use right now? We address the steps to take regarding clinical decision-making, employee education, and employer readiness for future customized dietary and treatment options.

The gut microbiome influences multiple aspects of health, and the ongoing research in this area looks promising as clinicians seek more precise treatment options in the future. So, don’t miss the opportunity to delve deeper into this vibrant research field with this Cylinder white paper.

If you’d like to learn more about the potential of gut health and microbiome testing and how it can impact your employees’ health and wellness, download Gut Microbiome Testing: A Benefit Leader’s Guide.

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